Sélection suisse en Avignon was created because we felt Swiss artists were not visible enough on the international performing arts scene. A study led by Michelle Pralong was commissioned by Pro Helvetia and Corodis, and its results gave birth to the creation of SCH, which was to help highlight Swiss productions in the Avignon Festival and increase their visibility in the French-speaking cultural network. SCH was first created in 2016 with a three-year pilot project; it was a big success and the project was renewed.
Laurence Perez was the first SCH director. Her mandate ended after the 6th edition.
Esther Welger-Barboza has been our new director since September 2022.

Let’s talk numbers

Since its creation

14 readings/ events
110 artists and their teams
294 performances
3 124 professionals
306 journalists  

It also fostered tours in

venues in France
142 venues abroad
270 venues in Switzerland