Cindy Van Acker

Cindy Van Acker trained in ballet in Antwerp and has been developing her own choreographic research since 1994; she founded Compagnie Greffe in Geneva in 2002. Her style always stems from looking for a form that suggest the unsayable; her dance is essentially formal and abstract and is composed of manipulating time, bodies and materials, playing with absence and out-of-scope presence, and it seeks to open emotional and imaginary spaces which exceed form. Several people were extremely influential for her work, like choreographer Myriam Gourfink, musician Mika Vainio, visual artist Victor Roy and director Romeo Castellucci. Van Acker has been associated artist with Pavillon-ADC (Association pour la Danse Contemporaine) in Geneva since November 2017. With her company Greffe, she is now looking for new creative and organizational modes.