Collectif BPM – (Büchi / Pohlhammer / Mifsud)

Catherine Büchi graduated from the Serge Martin school in June 2002. She has worked as an actress with various directors such as Sylviane Tille, Sandra Amodio, Marielle Pinsard, François Gremaud, Evelyne Castellino (as an actress and her assistant), Valérie Poirier, Vincent Brayer, Maud Liardon, and Fred Choffat. She cofounded the BPMet Collective and co-produced the pieces La Collection and Vers l’Oiseau Vert.  

Léa Pohlhammer is an actress who graduated from the Serge Martin school in June 2002. She has since worked with many Swiss directors and choreographers such as Sandra Amodio, Andrea Novicov, Sylvianne Tille, Valentin Rossier, Denis Maillefer, François Gremaud, Marcella San Pedro, Maud Liardon, Zoé Reverdin, Camille Giacobino, Jean-Louis Johannides, and Florence Minder. She created her company in 2019, F.A.B Force Prod, and she co-produced Violencia Rivas and Playlist. With the BPM collective that she co-founded, she produced La Collection and Vers l’Oiseau Vert.  

Pierre Mifsud trained in the Serge Martin school, and he worked with Compagnie 100% Acrylique as a dancer and actor, as well as an assistant director. He has worked with several Francophone Swiss, French and Spanish directors, such as Oscar Gomez Mata, Claude Inga Barbey, Nicolas Rossier, Anne Bisang, Denis Maillefer, Vincent Bonillo, Sandra Gaudin, Jean-Michel Ribes, and Émilie Charriot. He has participated in several projects by 2b Company (directed by François Gremaud) since 2009, and he has directed several plays, such as Infuser une Âme (Comédie de Genève), Le Portrait de Madame Mélo (Théâtre de Vidy), and Cuche & Barbezat (« C&B Au Cirque Knie », « C&B Font Des Bêtises », « C&B rallument Le Sapin »). He is currently on tour for Conférence de choses. He is one of the co-founders of the BPM collective and he has co-produced the plays La Collection and Vers l’Oiseau Vert.

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