Delphine Lanza et Dorian Rossel

Compagnie STT / Super trop top is a Francophone Switzerland-based company founded in 2004 by Delphine Lanza and Dorian Rossel. Their work stems from constant research on new theatre forms that are both intellectual and accessible to all. Their pieces are inspired by works that were not created specifically for the theatre, like documentaries (SoupçonsUne femme sans histoire, J-X de Lestrade), manga (Quartier Lointain, Taniguchi), novels (Oblomov, Goncharov), travel narratives (L’Usage du monde, N. Bouvier), films (La maman et la putain, J. Eustache ; Voyage à Tokyo, Ozu ; Le Dernier Métro, F. Truffaut), autobiographical narratives (Laterna magica, I. Bergman) or newspaper clippings (Tous les poètes habitent Valparaiso, 2023). In addition to creating their latest piece, they have experimented with new dramatic constructions this season by implementing a participatory writing process with people living in the cities where they do their artists’ residencies. The company has been associated artist with the Comédie in Geneva (directed by Anne Bisang), the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (with René Gonzalez) and they have been in a residency in Théâtre Forum Meyrin since 2014 – a rich and fascinating collaboration which will end in 2023. In France, Compagnie STT is currently associated with Maison de la Culture in Bourges and MAL in Thonon-Évian. They have a partnership with the Geneva district and the cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Meyrin; each season, they strive to combine research, creation, mediation and the diffusion of their repertory on tour in Switzerland and abroad.

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