Julie Gilbert

Julie Gilbert is a French and Swiss author and scriptwriter who grew up in Mexico. She is interested in issues like work, exile, feminism and people who are invisibilized in our society. She has directed films and radio shows for twenty years with filmmaker Frédéric Choffat, and she has written pieces for the theatre and opera, while leading performances like La Bibliothèque sonore des femmes. Her texts have been published with Héros-Limite, Passage(s) and Lansman editions and they were translated in Spanish and in German. She has won several awards for theatre and scriptwriting from the Société Suisse des Auteurs (Swiss Authors Society) and she was a recipient of the Pro Helvetia grant for Au milieu de la nuit. In 2020/21, she developed an original theatre series in 9 episodes with Michèle Pralong around the question of collapsing and new narrative modes; Vous êtes ici  should have been performed in all the theatres in Geneva but the performances were cancelled because of the pandemic. Two of her books were published with art&fiction in 2022, Vous êtes (encore) ici and Oui. C’est bien. Portrait de Delphine Reist.