Kiyan Khoshoie

Kiyan Khoshoie is a Swiss and Iranian dancer and choreographer who was trained in Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. He has worked with various companies, such as It Dansa Barcelona, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Maas Theater and Dans, and Tabea Martin Company. He created his solo piece Grand Écart in 2018, which was part of the Swiss Dance Days 2021 selection and Sélection Suisse en Avignon. In 2022, he co-created Kick Ball Change with Charlotte Dumartheray for Grütli, a center for the diffusion and production of performing arts, and the piece toured in francophone Switzerland after that. Kick Ball Change was one of the five winners in the « De la scène à l’écran » (“From the stage to the screen”) competition on RTS, and it was adapted to the screen by filmmaker Géraldine Rod. His solo piece Wannabe will premiere in 2024 in the pavillon de la danse, ADC. He regularly works with director Julien Chavaz on projects in the Geneva Nouvelle Comédie, Théâtre de l’Athénée in Paris, and Schauspielhaus in Magdeburg.