Latifa Djerbi

Latifa Djerbi is an author, actress and performer, as well as project leader for « Les Faiseurs de Rêves ». Her pieces seek to do away with fake sympathy and dissemblance; an iconoclast, she makes her characters utter hard truths, and conventionally hushed realities which she is able to voice out as a French-speaking Swiss and Tunisian artist. Her piece La danse des affranchies was published with Lansman and translated in German as well as Romanian ; it was performed in Maxi Gorki Theater at the end of 2022. Her texts have a strong political component but they are very intimate. She plays with self-deprecating humor and autofiction, and opens a moving singular path towards universal questions like identity and freedom. She has been familiarizing herself with urban theatre since 2016 led by the very demanding Jacques Livchine. She has co-created surprising urban performances with other artists since 2021 on board an “Arts Vessel”, a former library-bus transformed into a nomad and innovative stage. In 2023, her « Vaisseau d’Art » went further, by initiating a journey combining virtual reality, the real world and the digital one. Sharing experiences with the audience as well as traveling between several worlds are important aspects of her work.

Author, actress and performer
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