Laura Gambarini

Laura Gambarini speaks several languages and holds an MA in modern literature from the University of Lausanne; in 2009 she joined the Berlin training center for mime and pantomime, where she learned a “universal language” which has allowed her to pursue her wildest dream – communicating with a wide variety of people. When she returned to Switzerland, her desire to make performing arts more accessible naturally led her to perform in public spaces, where the unexpected and the proximity with the audience continually challenge her creativity. The result of this is a theatre where objects speak and ordinary things become epic. It is a shrewdly crafted art which deploys itself in non-dedicated spaces, as an invitation to cross the threshold into a world she has been creating since 2017 within the Compagnie du Botte-Cul. There are no prerequisites to appreciate Laura Gambarini’s version of simplicity, whether in a classroom or under an umbrella.

In situ artist
Morges (VD) / Chaux de fonds (NE)
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