Philippe Saire

Philippe Saire has created over thirty shows to this date, in addition to his many performances, short films and workshops. He is hailed as a major figure of contemporary dance in Switzerland. His wide-ranging interests include visual arts, theatre, and cinema, which inspire his often intense and precisely tailored choreographic pieces. In addition to working as a stage director for the theatre, his choreographic activity focuses on his Dispositifs series (Black Out, NEONS, Vacuum, Salle des Fêtes…). Ever since he created his own company in 1986, he produced over thirty pieces and gave over 1800 performances in over 200 cities worldwide. In 1995, Saire inaugurated Théâtre Sévelin 36, where he works and creates his pieces. Based in Lausanne, this place is entirely dedicated to contemporary dance, and it contributes to circulating dance pieces internationally while programming local companies and fostering their growth. Théâtre Sévelin 36 was awarded the « Prix spécial de danse 2013 » (Special Dance Prize) from Office fédéral de la culture.

Choreographer and theater director
Lausanne (VD)
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