Cie Chamar Bell Clochette


Object and sound theater / 30mn
From ages 3 and older
11 – 22 July / 16h20
Off on the 16

A tornado has hit Rouge and Bleu’s workshop… what happened?
Among the chaos of many scattered objects, our two heroes, both mechanics, are busy trying to bring Mr Robot back to life, in a performance that recalls the type of burlesque featured in Monsieur Hulot movies. With or without instructions, Rouge and Bleu use their ingenuousness to give meaning to all these objects in order to restore Mr Robot back to its original state. But how can they do it? Performing to music punctuated by the staccato rhythm of drums and other “DIY” sounds, Rouge and Bleu pull a number of ideas out of their hats. Young spectators follow their many attempts as they try to rebuild Mr Robot in a performance that looks like a scavenger hunt. This show stimulates their imagination, as the whimsical and joyful racket of objects unfolds.

Conception Chine Curchod and Roland Bucher
Performed by Chine Churcod, Roland Bucher or Gaëtan Aubry External perspective  Laure-Isabelle Blanchet
Scenography Chine Curchod and Roland Bucher

Production Cie Chamar Bell Clochette
This piece was created for a Carte Blanche event in Mullbau in Lucerne