Karelle Ménine

Cette griffure-là, sur la pierre

Reading / 1h
14 July / 18h

“Personal documents have always been archived everywhere in the world, whether on purpose or by chance. Diaries, accounting books, correspondences, notes, notebooks, bulletins,… these are all sources that are not in the spotlight, but which bear the trace of a voice. These are the words of non-famous people, ordinary or original folks, whose ‘I’ is also a ‘we’. Quietly, their voices intersect our memories and my work unfolds underneath them all, not to make them speak, but to try and listen to them.”

From book to book, project to project, Karelle Ménine stands with classified, locked away, unheard or unread voices, which are the basis of a reflection as much as poetic creation.

Karelle Ménine will read a collection of the texts she is currently working on, and these will be edited in January 2025.

In addition to the reading, the show La Pensée, la poésie et le politique, which was adapted from the eponymous essay by Christian Gonon, from the Comédie Française, will be performed in Maison Jean Vilar on July 14, 15 and 16 at 3pm.