Marie Fourquet

Dialogue(s) - Les Intrépides

16 July / 17h00

The Fearless (Les Intrépides) is a group of six authors coming together in an ephemeral company. They were commissioned a piece on a particular theme and wrote a short text for the stage and worked with a composer and stage director to create this performance where they read and perform their pieces in public – make them be heard, sung, performed loud and proud. This is the affirmation of their singular writing styles; they expose themselves and escape invisibility. Marie Fourquet is the fifth author who will represent Switzerland this year in this adventure directed by Léna Breban.

“Failed negotiations is what the word “dialogue” evoked for me. When dialogue is impossible, war begins. There are consequences. People are displaced, voids appear. Soldiers leave their homes. Families flee. I always have this empty bedroom in my empty apartment. I can’t host Ukrainian refugees. Why? Because this room is waiting for my son, with whom a new dialogue must begin. Everything is connected.”

Theater director Léna Breban
Authors Agathe Charnet, Marie Fourquet (Suisse), Véronika Mabardi (Belgique), Nathalie Papin, Nadège Prugnard et Samira Sédira
Composer and author Claire Diterzi 

Les Intrépides (The Fearless) is a project imagined by the SACD – Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques.

Delegate production Les Singulières
Partners Théâtre 14, SACD, SACD Belgium, la Chartreuse CNES, Maison Jean Vilar- Avignon, Sélection Suisse en Avignon, Société Suisse des auteurs.

All these texts will be published by l’avant-scène théâtre.