La 2b Company – François Gremaud

François Gremaud studied in ECAL and INSAS in Brussels before co-founding 2b company with Michaël Monney in Lausanne. He has produced solo creations and collaborated with Pierre Mifsud, Victor Lenoble, as well as the two other members of the GREMAUD/GURTNER/BOVAY collective. Gremaud’s signature style likes to focus on idiots, in the philosophical meaning of the term – people whose amused perspectives reveal our flaws. He uses humor to better represent humans and their prodigious capacity to keep trying, however tragic their condition is. Joy is more than a nature for him – it is his artistic and political signature. Conférence de Choses, which is part of the repertory of 2b company, was presented during the first edition of Sélection Suisse en Avignon in 2016; it was written with and interpreted by Pierre Mifsud, and its uncut version is eight hours long. Pièce was created with the GREMAUD/GURTNER/BOVAY collective, like Chorale, that Laetitia Dosch also collaborated with; Pièce sans acteur(s) with Victor Lenoble, Phèdre ! (SCH and Festival d’Avignon 2019), and Giselle, the first two parts of the trilogy (with Carmen) dedicated to the great female figures in classical performing arts, are also part of the company’s repertory.

Author, actor and theater director
Lausanne (VD)
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