La PP – Romane Peytavin & Pierre Piton

Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton are two choreographers and performers who created La PP in 2018; they met in La Manufacture – Lausanne. They created Capillotractée in 2016, a short piece which was presented in Quarts d’Heure de Sévelin Lausanne and which was a finalist in the Danse Élargie competition in Paris’ Théâtre de la Ville. During the 2018-2019 season, their company was associated artist with l’Abri – Geneva; during that time, they developed Dédicace, a performance which was presented during the Antigel festival in February 2019, and Farewell Body, which premiered in May 2019 in l’Arsenic Lausanne. The duo presented these two projects in the Sélection Suisse en Avignon and the Swiss Dance Days in Basel in 2022. Peytavin and Piton also performed for various choreographers such as Maud Blandel, Mark Lorimer and Yasmine Hugonnet (Romane), and Meg Stuart, Ioannis Mandafounis and Simone Aughterlony (Pierre). La PP’s work is articulated around specific improvised scores, which gives birth to ironic pieces that are instinctive and accessible to all. They experiment with hybrid body forms and imagine new means to trigger an uncanny impression for the audience, in performances which alternate between the natural and the artificial.

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