Catol Teixeira

Clashes Licking

Dance / about 40mn
11 – 20 July / 10h00
Off on the 15

On pointe, like in the Rio ballet, in the air, wearing latex or playing with wigs, they create identity clashes to exist as a fluid self. Moved by the ghosts of their memories of Brazil or those of dance history, as well as the recollection of the figure of Nijinsky, their body appears as a soundboard where sweet as well as traumatic memories echo.  Catol Teixeira looks for a path to the strange land that physical memory is, their body alternately subject or object, confronted with other bodies, and ready to meet their gaze and exceed it. The movement is free, the forms and writing are open; playing with repetition, Catol Teixeira handles unpredictability, risk, and creates spaces of friction and vibration. Between a commemoration and a dream of a time before colonization, Clashes Licking dances with trouble in its poetically paradoxical clashes. Catol does away with beauty standards, as well as control and identity norms to make dance the core of the piece.

Conception and performance Catol Teixeira
Lighting Alessandra Domingues
Sound Sandar Tun Tun
Costumes Auguste de Boursetty
Concept and advice Fabian Barba
External perspective Dominique Gilliot 
Michael Scheuplein
Production Rabea Grand
Diffusion Jérôme Pique

Production Association UÀ
Co-production Emergentia 2022 – TU – Théâtre de l’Usine, L’Abri and ADC Pavillon de la danse
With the support of the City of Geneva, Loterie Romande