Pamina de Coulon - BONNE AMBIANCE


Performance / 1h
06 – 14 July / 13h45
Off on the 10th and 11th

With her fiery hair and sharp gaze, Pamina de Coulon takes hold of you in this intimate and clearly militant and lavish show. From the first flower of the year, through tears, rust, rustics and police violence, on to the ever-changing dynamics of colonization, the artist shares a cascade of questions with us in this latest opus of her FIRE OF EMOTIONS saga. Far from spreading herself too thin, she nimbly steers the course of her “spoken essay”. NIAGARA 3000, like the other pieces in the saga, takes us on a journey, going from one digression to the next along the paths of the artist’s thought. Spoken word is what this piece is about, the movement of speech towards others, and as Pamina de Coulon generously shows us, how inextinguishable its energy is.

Research, script, concept and performance Pamina de Coulon
Sets Pamina de Coulon et Alice Dussart
Lighting Alice Dussart
Production and Diffusion Sylvia Courty / BOOM’STRUCTUR

Coproduction Le Magasin des Horizons, Grenoble and Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne