Cie Surprise-lumière


Theatre 5.1 / 55min
06 – 17 July / 15h25
Off on the 8th and 15th

Three friends are taking a walk in the woods. They are observing the landscape around them when all of a sudden an animal catches their eye. An extraordinary encounter which changes everything. Or at least this is what we can assume from what we are hearing, because except for the three people in front of us, the stage is empty, and everything is left to the spectator and their imagination. Soon, spoken word gives way to new meanings. Inspired by long walks off the hiking trail in the gorges du Doubs and by the songs that were composed then, Cadeau, is a singular piece because of its sound design and its approach to staging. Meaning emerges from the gap between what we hear and what we see, the performer’s startled and clownish presence, as well as the silent gestures which orchestrate their relations and the songs. The piece raises questions about society and ecology between the lines; what if, beyond its slightly slapstick comic dimension, Cadeau was in fact more political than it seems at first?

Concept Paul Courlet
Performers Paul Courlet, Maky Grochain, Juliette Vernerey
The invisible Fany Krähenbühl, Isabelle Meyer, Jérôme Colloud, Remy Rufer and Jonas Pool
Music and sound Paul Courlet and Remy Rufer
Light design Philippe Maeder
Hypnosis Jérôme Colloud
Dance advisor Clara Delorme
Staging assistants Floriane Comméléran and Mathilde Aubineau Costumes X-personnes
Tech Léon Jodry
Administration and production Simon Hildebrand
Diffusion Anthony Revillard

Production Cie Surprise-lumière
Coproduction Centre de culture ABC
With the support of the City of Chaux-de-Fonds, Canton de Neuchâtel, Loterie Romande, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Fondation culturelle BCN, Fondation du Casino de Neuchâtel